Spreadsheet for renewable vs. nuclear US grid cost

November 30, 2013

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XSLX version of the spreadsheet is here; WP will not let me upload the ODS version.  Talk about discrimination!  WP won’t let me insert links after the end of the table, either.

PV, $/kW(p) 1000 Carbon cost, $/ton 40 Wind CF 0.32 Coal CO2, g/kWH 900
Wind, $/kW(p) 1000 Coal price, $/ton 55 PV CF 0.2 Gas CO2, g/kWh 550
Coal, $/kW(p) 2000 Coal energy, mmBTU/t 15 Fuel-back RE frac 0.7
Nuclear, $/kW(p) 5000 Gas price, $/mmBTU 10 Fuel-back backup 0.8 Interest rate, % 7
Gas, $/kW(p) 1500 HVDC cost, $million/mile 2
RE + gas RE + coal RE + battery Nuke + bat
GW bln$ GW bln$ GW bln$ GW bln$
GW wind 729.2 729.2 GW wind 729.2 729.2 GW wind 1190.5 1190.5 GW nuke 631.6 3157.9
GW PV 1166.7 1166.7 GW PV 1166.7 1166.7 GW PV 1904.8 1904.8
GW gas 480 720 GW coal 480 960 GW bat 600 43200.0 GW bat 180.0 180
Xmission, mi 1421875 2843.75 1421875 2843.75 2321429 4642.9
Total generation capital, bln$ 5459.6 5699.6 50938.1 3337.9
Ann. Wind generation, TWH 2044 2044 3337
Ann. PV generation, TWH 2044 2044 3337
Ann. Gas generation, TWH 1168 Ann. Coal generation, TWH 1168 Ann. Bat loss -1418
Carbon emissions, mmTPY 642.4 1051.2 0 0
Amortization, bln$/yr $507.94 $530.27 $4,739.07 $266.49
Fuel cost, $bln/yr $66.46 $66.46 $0.00 $0.00
Carbon cost, bln$/yr $25.70 $42.05 $0.00 $0.00
Total $600.10 $638.78 $4,739.07 $266.49
$/Mwh $114.17 $121.53 $901.65 $50.70
CO2, g/kWH 122 200 0 0

Diesel water injection papers

January 30, 2011

The papers sent to me by azmio (on Green Car Congress) related to this thread are attached.


us army water injection

Corn stover collection project

April 28, 2007

This paper on the Corn stover collection project is no longer available on-line. I am making it available as a public service.

Can I get any more disgusted with Google?

April 26, 2007

Once again, I’m blocked from using my Blogger account on Blogger (notwithstanding the “or sign in with your Blogger account” prompt).  I cannot even sign in to comment there.

Worse, I’m completely blocked from commenting on Blogger blogs even when anonymous/pseudonymous comments are allowed.  I fill in the Captcha, but the comments neither preview nor post. I can post pseudonymously from work, but not from home with my own IP address.

It looks like Google is trying to strongarm me into using one of their Google accounts.  Well, dammit, I won’t.  Their data-retention policies are anathema, and they’ve long since forgotten what evil means.

I am going to take out a Google account, and use it exactly once.  I am going to close comments on ergosphere.blogspot.com, switch the timestamps to a convertible format and post a headline diverting everyone here.  Google can either respect people’s desire not to be tracked, catalogued and surveilled everywhere they go, or I’ll null-route all their servers.

Presentations on thermal conversion

April 13, 2007

The following 3 documents relating to thermal conversion processing were sent to Robert Rapier, who forwarded them to me. As they appear not to be widely available at the moment, I’m posting them here.